Summer Camp

I just had my interview with MiVoden (about an hour ago). It went really, really well. Actually, I asked them what my chances are of being hired, speculatively speaking (since they haven't finished interviews yet), and they said an 80-90% chance. They also said that they really want me. Me. Wow. (For the counselor position, no less-- my dream job!)

I'm so deliriously excited! However, I have another opportunity to check with God on, because they also said that they're considering me to be the leader of a traveling Vacation Bible School team, His Travelers. They came to our church last year, and it was really positive. The traveling would be hard on me, though... especially b/c of the food situation.

Anyway, this is just really neat. I'm going to apply to a few others, so that God can open and shut doors as he pleases. I'd hate to miss out on the place I'm supposed to be, just because my eyes were dazzled by MiVoden.

So I'm thinking... MiVoden, Yavapines, PSR, Sunset Lake, Ida-Haven, Leoni Meadows... I think that's about it.

Yeah. I really wanna work at summer camp. It's gonna be an awesome experience.

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  • Anonymous | January 13, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    Awesome that you are so enthusiastic about working for a summer camp! They can always use people like you. For inspiration about how much your work will mean to the kids there, check out my blog which features thank you notes from campers about the experience!

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