I am so sick and tired of Ellen White. Seriously. Who cares?

I started reading this book called God's Appointed, and it's a story all right, but basically it's just a staged setting for a string of Bible/Spirit of Prophecy quotes on how we ought to be living our lives. I believe he has good intentions. As a matter of fact, I know he does. But what bugs me is that he uses one or two Bible verses, and like 6 Ellen White quotes.

Please. Like wearing a skirt is gonna solve all the problems in my life. Baking bread in a wood stove won't cure me of my anger. And spouting off Testimonies quotes doesn't make me a better person.

I don't doubt the fact that she was a sincere Christian. And I'm very sure that she was a messenger from God... just as my pastor is. But why don't people quote Uriah Smith all the time? Why don't you hear, "Well, you COULD eat that cheese, but Joseph Bates said..." Cha. Right.

I'm tired of pushy Adventists. You can't make me do what you want, especially by reading the same well-worn lines to me and thinking that it's going to persuade me. What, you think I'll change because I'm afraid of damnation? You don't know how often I've been there, even without Mrs. White in my face, telling me what to do.

Yeah. You're so good... you're so right that you don't even treat people with common decency anymore. If that's what reading the Great Controversy does to you, then count me out. You read Steps to Christ, then go around calling my friend a harlot, eh? Classy. Very sanctified of you.

So following the guidelines will make me happy, huh? Doing things right will usher me further into the arms of Jesus? Well guess what? Ellen White never told you what to do when your mom's boyfriend is torturing you while she's away at work. Ellen White doesn't say anything about what to do when you're molested by your step-father. Ellen White probably doesn't give a flying flip about the fact that you are lost, confused, and angry, except to tell you you're not doing it right. Come back to the Lord. Forsake your heathen ways. Repent and be converted.

Shove it.

Your hollow phrases mean nothing to me. I hate you. Just leave me alone. I'll die in my jeans, if that's what it takes. Just leave me alone.

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