Not wrong...

...just different.

My mantra for Baker S. He's quite different from me, especially when it comes to habits of cleanliness, which I can appreciate (because he works with food professionally), but... it is slightly irksome. I'm always looking over my shoulder to see if he saw that I touched something and didn't wash my hands. I picked up a book he had lying on the table to show us, saw him kinda glance in my direction in a hesitating, do-I-say-something-or-do-I-not way, so I asked, "Can I look at this?"

He replied, "With clean hands. It's a kitchen book."


He would be absolutely horrified if he knew that I use a spoon to taste test when I'm cooking... and I use it more than once! LOL

So it kinda rubs against my grain, but it's also kinda funny if I can get over myself long enough to see it. Anyway, this is a good time to practice being tolerant of other's differences. :)

I have also realized that I am nowhere near as enthusiastic about baking as I had previously thought. As a matter of fact... it's kinda burdensome. At least, this method is (to me). Oh, well. Maybe God will heal me and I can go back to buying store bread. (On the bright side, I'll soon have breadsticks for the first time in years, and bread for the first time in a month or two.)

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