"Scathing Rebuke" Letter

Okay, so maybe it's not so scathing, but I did send a complaint to United. On the trip there, they broke my tuner and shattered the plastic containers inside my guitar case. On the way back, they ripped a gash in my suitcase and twisted/broke a latch on my guitar case. Really? Even with the "Fragile" sticker on it, and the OBVIOUS fact that it's an instrument? I think someone at United has a vendetta against guitars.

So, here's the letter I sent them:

I understand that checked baggage is at a certain level of risk when it comes to damage. However, my baggage experienced treatment that I believe was unduly rough and careless. On my flight to Appleton, WI from Spokane, WA, I checked two bags-- one a suitcase, the other a guitar in a hard case. It is incredibly obvious that the guitar is, in fact, a guitar, and should be handled with at least some care. When I got my bags back, however, the plastic containers in the case were literally shattered, the contents were strewn throughout the interior, and my tuner was broken. This, I can handle. I can overlook it. I did, after all, sign a waiver. I simply hoped that a little more caution would be exercised towards my instrument on the return flight. Again, I checked both bags, and this time, a "Fragile" sticker was placed on the case, which eased my mind a bit. However, when I picked up the bags, I found that not only was there a large gash in the side of my suitcase, but that one of the solid metal clasps of the guitar case had been twisted and broken. Needless to say, I am more than a little incensed. Do you understand the sheer force it would take to break one of those clasps? I would like to request compensation for the damage inflicted upon my belongings at the hands of your company, and I can assure you that, unless something changes, I will not be using your services again.

So... I guess we'll see what happens.

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