Therapy Day has morphed into...

Let's Avoid Responsibilities Day! Or, maybe more accurately, Do Whatever I Feel Like Doing Day! (which isn't much... I haven't managed to get a shower before noon the last two weeks in a row.)

So! This will change. I hate feeling like a sub-human underachiever. Right now, I'm going to go shower. Shortly after that, I will put on Anggun and clean my room. Then I will scan in and e-mail necessary documents. Following that, I will take my meds, check the mail, and settle down with my therapy book. And, if I still have time, I will check Amazon for another book I want to purchase.

Optional activities include:
-Budgeting my recent paycheck
-Creating an account/password list
-Sorting through my clothes closet
-Searching the Bible for something relevant to what I'm going through now (which may be difficult, because I can't even really explain what's happening inside my head at this point)

Big goal for the day: STOP GOING ONLINE. Only to post blogs. Nothing else.

Okay. Maybe aol and fb.

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