Well, crap.

That's as close to guttermouth as you'll ever hear me. Trust me, it's there... I just choose not to use it.

I'm depressed.

And I don't know why.

I hate that. If I were depressed following some cataclysmic event in my life, I could understand that. If someone died, or if I got really sick again, or if something else bad  happened, I could get that. But my life is good. My family is (mostly) healthy, we found a church that my mom likes and plans to attend (even the small group!), the kids are behaving better, Mom + R's relationship is healing, God is good, and I'm home for the holidays.

So why do I feel like alternately screaming, crying, pacing, running away, hiding, and expending energy? Why is the desire to self-destruct swirling in and around my conscious?

Anyway, I guess I can talk about this later... I made supper, so I'm gonna go set the table.

It's just funny how everything is going so well, and I feel so... crappy. Blech.

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