Mandalorian Wedding Vows

When I read C the post about not needing an engagement, he assured me that I'm not bullying him into this. Also, his extended family will be coming. Also, I deduced that he doesn't feel fully firm on the date yet, and wants to be sure it's totally solid before handing it out to people who will be asking for time off of work. The reason? Money. He feels like we may end up postponing it because we (I) can't afford everything we've got planned.

I told him that if we can't afford favors, then screw the favors. If we can't afford tablecloths, then fine. If we can't afford centerpieces, oh well. If it ends up just being him and me under a tree with a pastor, then that's what'll happen, just so long as he and I end up married at the end of the day. Our family and friends can be there to wish us well and help us party, but all I'm concerned about is marrying him. Yes, I want the pretty things, and I'm working towards that, but those things are not what matter.

He looked me in the eye and confessed that he doesn't care about all the stuff.

I then asked him if he were cool with just running off and getting hitched in the courthouse next week. (Jokingly! Remember, I do want "the stuff".) He said his folks would be disappointed, since they would want to attend a wedding. I agreed that my folks would be disappointed as well. Then he laughed and flipped to a section in the Star Wars book he's reading.

It was a Mandalorian couple exchanging wedding vows. Basically, they repeat the lines together and they're married. That's it. No ceremony, no nothin'.

I looked up the English translation (C had explained what they meant, but not verbatim), and they're actually really cool. (I'm wondering if I can get them engraved on the inside of his ring or something.)

Mhi solus tome.
Mhi solus dhar'tome.
Mhi me'dinui an.
Mhi ba'juri verde. 

We are one together.
We are one when parted.
We share all.
We will raise warriors.

(Good gravy... I am marrying into nerd-dom. And wholeheartedly, at that.)

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