Nothing is safe

You know what I hate most about life?

There is nothing sacred, nothing holy, nothing that cannot be taken from you.


Not your family, not the ones you love...

Not the special little mementos that you tuck away with care...

Not your health, and not your life.

There is nothing, even when you're trusting God, that cannot be taken from you.

And there is no law in the universe, written or unwritten, that states that you have to be given notice. As a matter of fact, you probably won't.

You will lose what you care most dearly and deeply for, and it will destroy you.

You will suffer, and you will move on... and you might even forget, a little...

...until the next thing is taken, and the next, and the next.

Nothing is sacred.

There is no safe place.

Why even bother to love?

Why even bother to care?

It's just going to screw you up in the end, anyway...

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