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I guiltily waste literally hours on my Thursdays (and Sundays, if my homework's done) looking at wedding stuff and scheming, planning, and plotting. This past week, I realized that, while I dream about buying a nice dress and new shoes and a cool shawl and gloves and all that... I really don't want to spend upwards of $500 dollars on my wedding outfit. I don't. So I went in search of alternative wedding dresses, romantic goth dresses, simple lace dresses, renaissance dresses, etc. I found... nothing. Nothing that pleased me. So at the end of a few long hours of searching, I went through the ol' brain archives and revisited a dress that I had been absolutely smitten with at the onset of my search. I found it, it's still for sale, and guess what? I couldn't find it anywhere else. You know what that means? Unique. That's right.

I hate the idea of being a cookie-cutter bride. And I hate the idea of having this dress around that i'll never get to use again. This dress is gorgeous, simple, and, what's more... after I messaged the seller, she wrote back this morning that she'd take $300 for it! That's less than the other dress I had my eye on, and it's 1.6% of the original cost. (I'm learning how to do percents in math class. Real world application rocks.)

Also, I had the thought that, if I got some sort of surcoat to cover it and bustled up the bottom somehow, I could use the dress for my role as Baroness at the upcoming Ren Faire. Not only that, but with the right accessories, I can use it again for the black tie fundraiser event coming up in May.

Now... to scrape together $300. I just hope that I can take advantage of this before someone else does.

I just... hate having no money. No income. I know that'll change soon, but I'm anxious. (And, for the record, not a single application that I've put in has garnered a response. Not one. This dumb town seems to be notorious for that. I mean, really? Common courtesy, people! At least tell me that you picked someone else!)

I bought groceries yesterday. I haven't had this much good food around in I can't remember how long. For supper last night, I had sweet potato fries and fresh spring rolls (yellow and orange sweet peppers, onions, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and a splash of coconut aminos), and I'll probably have spring rolls for lunch again today. Maybe with a couple of spoonfuls of mango sorbet afterward. Mmmmm.... I spent over $100 on groceries, and felt terrible, but then I remembered that the whole point of my parents giving me money to spend on food is so that I actually buy food. Mom has been concerned that I'm not eating healthy, well-balanced meals. Well.. she had reason to be concerned. Being sick had me living off of rice cakes and cashew butter, mostly. But I got some good ingredients, so that has changed for the better.

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