Okay, so I've got the wedding planned.

And HJ  money will be coming in soon (read: in a week or two).

However, since I quit leading the teen group, I will definitely NOT be getting as many hours in as I would have before. I have peace of mind but less pieces of money. A terrible dilemma, that...

Also, I'm supposed to work on Mon-Tues for a couple of hours, but E will arbitrarily cancel a day or two on me, so I really can't count on that steady of income from that. It's partly annoying, partly a relief. I like having extra time to clean the house or work on a craft project or get ahead on my homework.

However, I did get a check from the gov't for a few hundred dollars. It's part of my grant money, and so I spent it on something school related. I paid off the last few hundred that I owed SOULS. Know what that means? I'm debt free! (Uh, yes, except for the $30 on my credit cart. Heh.)

This means that any "spare" money I get now can be applied directly to the wedding. I'm done with that bill. With the rest of the money, I bought groceries. (It's gotten to a sad state where I feel guilty for buying groceries, for spending money on food. That's bad.)

So, how to supplement my meager income without swamping my frail nervous system? Enter Craigslist Gigs.

I have landed two "gigs" already-- one writing content for a few websites, and another as a model for an art project. I'm currently trying for another gig, but I really can't believe that I have even done this...

My rule, though, is that I will never strip for money, and I will never perform sexual favors for money. I've honestly contemplated it in the past (and the not-so-distant past), but... no. Just no. It's not worth it. Really, it's not. Especially after reading stories from ladies who have, and the atmosphere in such places, not to mention the fact that I'm encouraging those kinds of activities (which I do not approve of!). No. No matter how desperate I get, that's one of the things I will never do, along with selling drugs or alcohol.

However, I will model bikinis for money. No, it's not for people to ogle, it's displaying products for a website. Different, in my mind. I just never thought I'd get back into modeling. I'm not "out of shape", but I'm not sleek and toned, either. I'm a healthy looking average girl. Sometimes that works, and most times it doesn't. It depends what the person is looking for. In the case of the artist, it's just what they're looking for. In the case of the bikini saleswoman, I'm not sure, because she hasn't emailed me back yet.

Anyway, I've realized that the odd job scenario can work for me. Hopefully I'll be able to live off of what I'm making with HJ, and the odd jobs I do I can put towards the wedding.

Depending on my ambitions, I may even put a few craft items or paintings up on Etsy. If I can get ahold of a camera, I don't see why I couldn't.

Oh, yeah. My roomie and I (mostly my roomie) are learning to eat fire. If all goes well, we'll have street performance routine coming along within the next month or two, and can get some money that way. That'd be cool.

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