Wedding Shoes

I found my wedding shoes today. I'll put up a picture later. Got them for eight bucks at Goodwill. I'd been searching the interwebs for acceptable shoes, knowing that I wanted something elegant but quirky... scouring the thrift stores... and finally, there they were. Thank you, Jesus.

I'm going to have to make some adjustments on the budget, cut out some more unnecessary things. I'm thinking that, rather than buying disposable tablecloths, I might just hit up Goodwill during one of their 50% sales and buy a bunch of regular white tablecloths. The mismatch would be cool, and it would be less expensive, probably by a full half. I checked out the regular prices today-- about comparable. So a half off thingy would be perfect.

C and I resumed the conversation about wedding planning a little last night. I asked him if he would give me "permission" to plan the wedding, and he said that I should know by now. I countered by saying that he should know me by now and know that I need things blatantly stated out loud. He laughed, agreed, and gave me explicit permission to plan our wedding. Yayyyyyyy.

And, today I bought the fixin's for fall decorations. Just some paper leaves, a bare wreath, and some fake flowers. With my glue gun, though, it will soon be transformed.

I've stopped feeling guilty about spending money on things that aren't essential to my survival. I think it's cause I'm not in debt anymore. I don't feel that "Oh, I could have used that five bucks to pay off a bill" anymore. What a great feeling!

Also, ran into some church friends at the store. More musings on that later. Probably after my walk after class.

(Also, quick note: after a little research, I have found that this brand of shoe retails for no less than $50/pair on the cheap end of the spectrum, and also that these shoes don't exist anywhere else other than my closet. Excellent...)

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