I called it.

So I'm going through my blog, looking for landmarks of my health problems and decline to take to my appointment tomorrow, and I came across the post where that pastor told me I'd be unhappy and divorcing within a year. Remember that? Well, I realized that I totally let the "deadline" for going back  and showing the pastor just how miserable I am in my marriage pass without going to troll him. I regret this, and I think C will agree with me that we need to rectify this situation.

After all, he should be able to see just how accurate and wise his predictions were, founded as they are on years and years of anecdotal evidence and his unfathomable insight into the word of God. Oh, wait… he wasn't right? C and I are actually happy, secure, and content within our marriage and, what's that, even stronger because of the trials and challenges we've faced in this first year of marriage? Well, how about that.

Pardon my sarcasm, but it's just that I completely called it. And considering the formidable challenges we've faced just within this first year of marriage alone, it's even more notable that our relationship is strong and thriving. Chronic illness (or any traumatic and stressful event) can either strengthen the relationship or break it apart. It depends on the people within the relationship.

We're freaking champions.

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