My mistake. Yesterday was the 28th. (Note: I had misdated the previous day's entry.)

Dreamt last night that I went to Spokane, but I missed the meetings. Bah. That will not happen in real life.

I came out this morning and found Lloyd lying on the floor of the dining room. It scared me at first, because he's so elderly, but I found out that he was just doing deep-breathing exercises.

Had 2 dreams last night about car washes. In the first, there was a car wash in C's living room, and I got a massage while my car was being washed. I guess the massage took so long that they moved my car to the bedroom, because there was a lady with a minivan waiting for her turn. So I went into the bedroom and laid down to sleep, but C was on the other side of the queen-size bed. He was reciting to himself 7 reasons why religion wasn't true. Every time he cycled back to #1, he'd reach over and affectionately stroke the bridge of my nose with his forefinger. I woke myself up with my cries of distress, and succumbed to a stomachache. (The last part is real.) The second dream was based on my experience with Hollie yesterday, except that, in the dream, I came out of the gas station to find several State Troopers busily washing my car. Then, they arrested me, confiscated my car, and proceeded to nosily and rudely scavenge through my purse and car. They found some money that I'd stashed away during Big Books and determined that I was a drug dealer. Sigh.

Yeah. I don't really understand.

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