Not My Time/Fighter

I know I've probably put these up here before, but they just keep coming back around and meaning so much to me… especially when I'm having a really hard time for one reason or another (like this one, which is entirely not my fault).

But now the current's only pulling me down
It’s getting harder to breathe
It won’t be too long and I will be going under
Can you save me from this?

Cause it’s not my time, I'm not going
There's a fear in me, it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
But it’s not my time I'm not going
There's a will in me, and now I know that
This could be the end of me

And everything I know
Oh, but I won’t go
No, I won’t go down

I look ahead to all the plans that we made
And the dreams that we had
I'm in a world that tries to take them away
Oh, but I'm taking them back
Cause all of this time I've just been too blind to understand
What should matter to me
My friends this life we live, it’s not what we have
It’s what we believe in

Give em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life 'til we're dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes the fighter, there goes the fighter
Here comes the fighter
That's what they'll say to me, say to me, say to me,
This one's a fighter

If you fall pick yourself up off the floor (get up)
And when your bones can't take no more (c'mon)
Just remember what you're here for

Cuz I know Imma damn sure

2 thoughts:

  • Friko | January 17, 2014 at 3:17 PM

    I don’t really know what to say except that being a fighter is a good thing. Most of the time.
    On one occasion my surgeon said to me that people like me, who have more to them than their illness and concentrate on more than a disease, are the ones who survive.

    She also said to take a rest now and then and be kind to myself. She was all in favour of taking what comes and kicking it in the teeth while eating chocolate. (Chocolate is my bag)

  • Cassandra | January 18, 2014 at 8:53 PM

    Yes, I agree. There is a time to fight, and a time to say, "Meh. Chocolate break!" lol

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