School started about a week ago, and I've been going faithfully so far. I've even been doing my homework. Yay me! lol. Okay, update time…

First and foremost, C and I are going out. (Note: Yes, that's C as in my husband.) I don't know exactly when we started going out, mostly because he never formally asked me, but it's all good. And guess what? I found his turn on spot haha. When I bite his neck, he gets all short of breath and he gets this cool look in his eyes. It's so sexy. I can't believe I was so blind and stupid! Why didn't I tell him I liked him earlier? Doi. It's like Mom always says about R… She's always like, "Why didn't I like him before? I could have had so much time with him!" Oh well, maybe I just wasn't ready before. Who knows. Anyways, I like him now, and he's mine, for the time being anyways, so I'm going to enjoy it. But sometimes I wonder, why me? Why does he like me? I am not worthy! Haha. I still have super-low self esteem, so that doesn't help…  No matter what anyone says, I'm still chubby looking to myself. I'm not going to go anorexic or anything; I like food way too much for that. But I have aerobics at school, so that should help. I was hanging out with C and his friend on Saturday, and we went to the park where I whooped their asses at crunches. 150, without breaking a sweat. Oh yeah, I rock. lol. Anyways, I think I just might be developing some muscles in my tummy. Wheee! Man, looking back on this entry, my writing sucks! I would say, "Oh well, no one's going to be reading this anyways," but last time I said that, Mom read it. Maybe I should throw some intelligible writing in here, just in case lol. See, much better, I think. Anyways, onto a new subject.

Oh man, today I wore my mumu-type-thing to school, and I got so many funny looks… It was great. I thrive on individuality. My odd clothing is the only thing that sets me apart from the rest of the cattle being herded around at school. I'm like a cow wearing a bright orange boa around my neck, and a sign that says, "Bite me, you insignificant piece of dust." Someone asked me if I was in a play, 'cos of my mumu. I had it belted around the waist with a scarf. Totally candy dude. (Note: "Totally candy" is the slang phrase my mom made up and tried to make cool. It never worked.)

I should probably get to bed because I have to get up early… which reminds me… I never finished the homework for my 1st class. Oh well. Earth Science can go fuck itself for all I care. After all, I can alway raise my grade later. G'night, dear diary. lol

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