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I did a new thing, which was to create another blog. While getting that one up, I figured my primary blog was due for a redesign. What do you think? I think it's pretty cute, and fun, too. Simple, I hope.

Anyway, the new blog isn't for entertainment purposes at all. I intend to use it to keep track of pain levels and symptoms and whatnot. It's easier for me to do it via blog + keyboard than on my phone where I have a neat app for it. If you get a kick out of reading how miserable I am these days, then by all means head over to Life IS Pain, Highness. This should prove especially valuable as I got an appointment today with the pain clinic in the big city that I have been trying to get into. It's exactly a week after my new rheum and psychiatrist appt. Yes, it's a pain to drive that far and have to find rides, etc., but it's even MORE of a pain to stay as sick as I am. You do what you gotta do. I'm glad C understands that.

Random thought. I'm watching Gladiator, and Commodus just killed Marcus Aurelius, his father. How do you even kill your parent? I cannot fathom it. I cannot fathom killing anyone, even the ones who have so gravely wronged me.

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