This is it. We're on retreat.
The summer is over.

*Note: I spent the summer training high school/college students how to sell Christian literature door to door ("canvassing/colporteuring") and working with them in the field. We lived together (in a church), ate together, slept together, studied together, worked together… so by the end of the summer you either loved or hated those around you.*

I'll be seeing my SOULS-ers in 4, maybe 5 days. The excitement is deep, not surfacing yet. If it did, I would explode.

then, I'm somehow going to get to Y to spend a blissful few weeks ministering on the home front. (Lord, lead me. I've never really done ministry outside of a program.)

Then, the trial. Yep, it's a sure thing. The judge called for no more delays! I guess he's tired of this whole thing, too. Sept. 4th is the starting date, so I have to get things squared away w/classes and RA stuff and all that. Sept. 4th is the 1st day of classes, I think. Perhaps I'll drive up for the orientation weekend, get the roommate stuff all taken care of, then drive back down Sunday?

After that, SOULS for the last year, then Big Books Leadership. From there? I have no idea.

SB came to retreat.

I knew he was on the east coast, yet I was looking forward to seeing him. Then I thought, "How dumb! He's in Boston. He's not going to fly to MI just to chill with us…" but he did. Said he was convicted on it. He and Iz spent yesterday afternoon talking, so I may be pulled aside for a chat today. Or maybe not. But I do like talking to the guy. His very presence challenges me to be better, to know more, to use what I already know and fit it into the big picture.

I've heard students talk about me. (Well, they did it right in front of me, so I couldn't help but hear them ^_^) Apparently, the Lord has used me this summer, and they've seen glimpses of Christ through me. (In me?)

Praise the good Lord.

The more time I spend as a leader, the more improbable it seems that God would use me, a humble, broken vessel. And yet, the more time I spend as a leader the more I realize that he has, in fact, used me in some small way. It's very humbling.

So anyway, I've decided, once more, to give everything to God and not worry about the outcome.

(Even my health, and my unruly heart.)

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