"…Let me sum up."

Well, much has transpired. I was without pain killers for 3 days, which was a special kind of hell. I'm trying to recover from that now, as well as fight off a sinus infection.

My bestie J came for a very brief visit the last day of my pain killers, and we enjoyed a few hours together, as well as a sappy Hallmark Christmas movie, which was great. I wish she could've stayed longer, but it wouldn't have done much good, as sick as I was. I think that I lost 5 lbs in those few days, since I was far too sick to eat hardly at all. C was so good to me… when I went to the emergency room after J left, I came home to a bouquet of roses :) He couldn't be there with me, as he was at work when I went in and M came to while away the hours with me and lend her support. He went to the store to buy me a pair of earrings, perhaps, but couldn't find anything "nice enough", so he got me my favorite striped roses. It was a lovely surprise.

There was some fun drama between D and I, the self appointed mother in law. She misunderstood something I said on Facebook that was clearly meant to be a facetious, jesting statement, blew it totally out of proportion, took offense at my response, and unfriended me. Funny thing is that C had told me to unfriend her, but I refused because I knew that would only create all kinds of drama and strife that I didn't need. At least this way it's a clean cut, and none of my doing. I was offended and angry at first, because it seemed that she was in effect putting the blame all on me and I resent that, being blameless in this situation. But then I figured hey, you know what? I processed through the feels and let it go. It's not mine to hang onto.

So other than being sick, not much else has gone down. I met with the neurologists and, of course, couldn't find a thing wrong. Naturally. I hold optimistic that this coming year will bring answers and recovery. I can't wait to be a real person again.

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