I am so kinda-sorta-not-really-happy. I'm happy cuz the kids are out with A for dinner right now, and also that I didn't have to go. He creeps me out. Now he has a handlebar 'stache and a beard (I think). Looks like G. Scary. And he's always touching me, like hugging and messing up my hair. Pisses me off.

M called Sunday morning on his way to the airport to say bye, but I was asleep so he left a message. I'm kinda glad, cuz now I can play it and hear his voice whenever I want. It's stupid, I know, but still…

I went shopping y-day and got a new Bob. (Note: "Bob" is what I call permanent markers.) Two of 'em. And some of that colored gel (red), some stuff that wavifies ur hair (I'm wearing some right now-- it works. Coolness.), deep red lipstick, melon lipgloss (the stuff that Mom had), green nail polish (totally awesome), and I think that's about it. Cool, no?

Today, I've been with J for 2 months. I haven't seen him in a month, though. I tried calling today, but he was sleeping. Go figure. I hope I get to see him soon…

H and I were supposed to go to the movies y-day, but I got stuck at Walmart, so that kinda plopped. Then, we were gonna go to day, but Mom got a run, so… I miss him a lot, but, yeah… (Note: Mom had a job that required her to be on call 24 hours a day, so she could get a "run" at any time. Plans were often cancelled because I had to stay home and watch the kids.)

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