Dear God,

I've been watching birds this morning. I sat down, prepared to read something in the Bible ('cause I really want to make an effort- I want this to be a mutual relationship), but the scene outside held a magnetism I cannot explain. It started when I heard a bird call, repeated again and again.

I opened the window, and just sat, listening to the myriad little chirps and trills, throbs and warbles. A stellar's jay swung out of the sky and perched on a bare tree-top. Then, I noticed the snow that glints in the early morning light, rounding out all the harsh edges of the world beneath. I noticed the fresh sweetness of the cold air that rushed into my room, past my face, into my lungs.

There's a whole world athrob with life out there. It's beautiful. It's simple. Bad things happen (our alpaca was killed last night), but the dawn comes, and life carries on... still beautiful. Everything outside my window right now is brimming with vigor and beauty and purpose.

God, you made that. You created the order, harmony, and simplicity.

Can you create that world of life within me?
Will you create that world of life within me? I'm asking you.

I want to be like the birds- to trust implicitly in the fact that you see them, that you care about them, and that not a single one is hurt without your notice.

I want the world inside me to be fresh, clean, and beautiful... covered with snow, and alight with the sound of birdsong.

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