Unexpected Fun

Can it be? Truly? In all reality, am I actually... having fun?! Gasp!

I was fearful that it would be a big drain, and I'd come away depressed and anxious. However, I am finding that... I am genuinely enjoying myself, and the Gt's.

My stomach is cramping up a storm-- maybe something I ate I shouldn't have? Can't think of anything bad... that's the only "bad" part of this day so far.

We rode horses earlier, and I trotted! Then we hung out, had supper, played music, read the Bible, and now are getting ready for bed. I think tomorrow will be nice as well. J is coming, and bringing her harp so we can practice for our upcoming concert gig. We'll take a soak in the wood-heated sauna/hottub. We'll ride horses again, and this time, I'm riding bareback. And cantering. Or maybe just one of those options. We'll see.

But it's been unexpectedly fun. 

Thanks, God.

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