Tubular Tuesday

I skipped last week. My bad. I could use some positive re-focusing, though. Here goes...

Triumphant Tales
- I babysat for H this morning, and we went out to lunch. It was normal. It was nice. I told her about "the guy". We had girl talk. Fun.

-I have plans to meet with H, my sponsor, tomorrow.

-I haven't given up on God.

-I'm still alive.

-I don't feel overwhelmed right now.

-I did a couple random acts of kindness this week.

-Whatever was wrong with Mom has been fixed (we think).



-My cats

-My gas money stretched farther than expected this month.

-New kids at youth group

-Randomly unexpected cute hiking boots for our upcoming backpacking trip

-Birthday plans

-Acceptance in the community as a musician


Thoughts to Ponder
-"Is this really what God/my family/my friends think of me?" (In response to distorted thoughts)

-This, too, shall pass.

-Into every life some rain must fall.

-"We love you."

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