Happy Birthday, K!

It's K's birthday. She's now... old. :) Just a couple years younger than I am, actually. I remember turning this age... actually, it was after just a few months at SOULS, and A and the girls gave me a surprise birthday party! That was so wonderful... I'd never had a surprise party before, and I love surprises.

So this morning, we'll have a special breakfast, and K will get her presents. Then, after breakfast, I'll pack (since I worked all day yesterday, and we had a fun movie night last night-- I ate waaaay too much popcorn, nectarines, cappuccino ice cream, and rootbeer! But, oh... it was heavenly), and then we'll vamos mid-morning down to the Gt's house. K wanted to spend her birthday weekend there, so we will. It will be cold, which I am not anticipating in the least, but I'll deal with it. This is her time. I can't let my petty selfishnesses get in the way. That would be dumb. Plus, I want to show her how much I truly do appreciate her, and what better way than to support her fun weekend with her friends?

It's been a rough week, from what I hear. Surprisingly, it's been a good day for me, except for a few bouts of depression. I find it funny that I can have such a good couple of days, and everyone else can have such rotten ones. Usually they're the ones on an even keel, while I'm the one riding the emotional roller coaster. To be frank, I haven't really known what to do except pray for them.

I had the weirdest dream last night-- J, whom I've known forever, and I liked each other. Actually, he liked me first, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought, Hey, this just might work. But it was really weird in the dream, too. Like "kissing your brother" (though we didn't kiss, it's still the same sentiment). When I woke up (slightly panicking), I had an almost irresistible urge to text him and say, "Hey, we're still purely platonic, right? 'Cause I had this weird dream...." Whew. Close shave. (Even though our families have been hoping we'll marry since we were 4.)

Okay, time to get the day started. Enough jotting down of thoughts. Nothing really worthwhile is surfacing, and so I say adieu.

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