Yes, I'm gonna do it! My own version of "Sanguine Saturday" from over at Dialectic Dichotomy. I think I could use a little funk breakage.

Triumphant Tales:
-I am going to shower before noon today.
-I got stuff set up with the chiropractor, all by myself!
-I am consciously evaluating my current commitments in the light of God's will for me at this present time. (i.e. should I quit/start _____ or not?)
-I realized that I am not theonlyonewhohaseverfelththiswayonthefaceofearthforeverperiod.
-I'm starting to "work" my counseling materials again, instead of just coasting.
-I have been able to significantly overcome my desire for self-destruction in the form of an eating disorder. Thank God I was able to kill it before it sprouted into a whole plant!
-I ordered several books on anger and self-talk.
-I figured out one of my favorite Tenth Avenue North songs on the guitar.

-Mom is back out of the ER again, and on painkillers.
-The fam. What are the odds that my host family would truly understand and encourage me?
-The cats. Buckets o' fun, I say.
-Peppermint tea, you have snatched my bowels from the diabolical grip of nausea more times than I care to count... my hero.
-I have enough money to buy counseling books. Maybe even enough to go see my loved ones come spring.
-My new chiropractor. Awesome sense of humor? Check. Teaches me as he works? Check. Kind, considerate, and not the least bit awkward? Check. Covered by my insurance? Double check.

Thoughts to Ponder:
This, too, shall pass.

God wanted me even before he made the world. He still wants me, even now. (Ephesians 1:3-6)

I'm not the only one who feels this way.

My pain shall not be wasted.

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