Birthday Plans and Presents

I was going to blog last night after I got home from work. Alas, the snow interfered with the internet and made this impossible. So I did this instead:

(You see, the family has this tradition that the birthday person gets to choose the food and activities for the day, so I've really been putting some thought into it. What would be a perfect day?)

Also, I received a gift from some friends/family of mine. I decided that I would wait to open it, since it's not ACTUALLY my birthday yet. So I did. I waited until today! :)

Hey, it's exactly a month until my birthday. Shouldn't I honor this milestone? Besides, one of the gift givers is a reader of me bloggy, so show it to the family, and we can pretend like I opened it there, k?

P.S. It's totally awesome! THANK YOU!!! I <3 practical yet thoughtful gifts.

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