A hushed family conference in the other room.

Oh, no. What did I do wrong? Maybe she saw my blog, and took personal offense... I can't think of anything else...

I do need to clarify, for the record, that my rant about the slightly hypothetical person was borne of frustration with the person's actions. I am not angry at the person, or with them as a human being, but very, very frustrated with their actions and my perception of their motives (or lack thereof). Anyway, that's pretty much cleared up the past few days, and I can breathe again. It's hard for me to sort through what is genuine frustration, and what is anger brought about by my distorted ideas and standards.

Darn it. I was going to try to sort through some of the soupy thought fragments in my head... but I'm not quite in the mood. I want to try to line them up a bit in my cogitations first. Then we'll see what comes out. Surprise, surprise... it's about trust again.

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