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I got several compliments today.

One of my friends from Essential Sciences class (the one I'm freaking out about because it's a super long and involved chapter that I can't seem to wrap my mind around and the test is this Wednesday) told me that I "have the brains of a thousand people!" I have a gift, apparently, and I won't deny it. I realized that in my chiropractor's office up in ID. What did he say? That I was one of the sharpest people he's ever met? For someone who spends all day meeting different people, that's pretty big.

When I showed C the flyer I designed for the 5k run fundraiser the HJ is putting on soon, he thought that it was a professional ad! Now that's a compliment :D

Last night, I had a minor melt-down. I mean, nothing major, I just felt overwhelmed and lonely. There's so much going on right now-- school, writing for that website, the haunted house, keeping the house tidy, wedding stuff... and I was "lazy" this weekend. I almost regret it, but not quite. I think it kept me sane, kept me from having a grand mal meltdown. I just couldn't find the ability to care, really.

Anyway, last night I was going back and forth on whether or not it was selfish to ask C to come cuddle with me, since he was doing something of his own. I just wasn't sure if it was okay or not... not that he'd be mad at me or anything, but is it fair of me to ask? Anyway, I said his name, then chickened out. He, however, came over to where I was and laid down with me, holding and comforting me just like I was going to ask him to. Of course, I told him what I was going to ask, and then proceeded to melt into tears on his shoulder.

Last night, I really just wanted the physical comfort and steadiness, but his words of wisdom made great sense in the light of day, and I'm very appreciative of them (and for him!!).

"Hey, lady, what's up with you?"

"I just... I feel so broken, you know? And just totally overwhelmed by all the stuff that's going on. I've got so many things pulling at me..."

"You're going to be okay. You need to stop worrying. You're doing really well in school, and the wedding's still a ways off and you've got a lot nailed down."

"Yeah... *sniffle* I know. It's just... it's scary being sick all the time, you know? I just feel so broken... and I'm worried that it's something serious."

"We'll get it all figured out, what you can eat and what you can't. You'll get better. But it takes time to heal this kind of thing! And you, Miss Impatient... you want it all done right now. You get impatient with instant mashed potatoes!"

"I do not!! And besides... I'm allergic to potatoes."

"Well, yeah..."

"And I make my mashed potatoes from scratch, thankyouverymuch."

"But you're allergic to potatoes."

"Well, yeah..."

*Both laughing*

"Seriously, lady, you need to stop worrying. You'll be fine."

His advice upon not caring about anything right now?

"Well, find little things to care about until you can care about the big things again."

Sound advice, my man. Sound advice.

And, apparently I'm not a negative person... except when I'm depressed. Then I am.

I later did, in fact, admit to my impatience. He totally called me on it. I do want everything done and decided right now.

Anyway, he was understanding and wonderful, and, more importantly (I think), eminently practical. I didn't appreciate that so much last night, as I said, but mulling it over today helped me to see the truth of his words.

I asked him how he manages to be so patient.

His reply?

"Well, it takes a lot of patience..." (laughter)

Thanks, buddy. Some help you are. ;)

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