Holding feet

C and I have kind of a sleep routine, I've noticed. I go to bed hours before he does, usually, but when he comes to bed we just kind of automatically nestle in next to each other. Spooning? Is that what they call it? That sounds weird.

Anyway, if I'm having a particularly restless night, that doesn't go so well for long periods of time, so I'll end up on my side of the bed doing whatever sprawl it is that makes me comfortable enough to doze off again while he barricades himself against the wall with a large pile of pillows. If I'm in a good, sound sleep, we'll stay cuddled up all night long. It helps that I'm short and he's tall, because we fit just perfectly together, and his arm drapes over me just right.

Even if we're not snuggled up to each other, though, we're touching somehow. I noticed that our tendency is to link our feet or legs together. It's like we're holding hands, but with our feet. It's actually really sweet, especially in those groggy half-awake moments. It just kind of makes you go, "Mmmmm... *sigh*" and drift off again.

I love having a bed buddy. Especially one that holds feet with me.

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