Pumpkins and candles

C took me to the pumpkin patch today.

I woke at a good time (covering my eyes to block out all light is helping with my sleep problems some-- helps the pineal gland regulate the production of melatonin), and spent a couple of hours working on a project for C. Don't tell him, but I'm compiling all the blog posts I've written about him, letters I wrote to my future husband, and letters/notes I've written to him into a book, which will also contain the backstory of our "love story". It'll be my gift to him, either before or after the wedding. Haven't decided yet. The reasoning behind it is that, on that first night we spent back together figuring out and declaring our undying love for each other, a repeated comment from both parties was that we could write a book about our story-- a multi-volume set! Also, I figure it'll be cool for the kids to read someday. They can see how their mommy and daddy got together.

After showering I spent some quality time with C while he woke up, then headed off to Goodwill to cobble together my costume for the zombie haunted house. I'll be a pseudo-military survivor leading groups through the supposedly uncontaminated abandoned warehouse to the safe zone. Unfortunately for us, we find out once we're inside that the place is infested with zombies, and I try to get the group through safely. As I'm herding them out the large steel doors at the end, I get snatched by a zombie and the door slams shut. (This will allow me to make my way back to the beginning and start with a new group.) On the other side, they receive their "rations" (candy) and are chased by zombies/military personnel out the gate and into the parking lot. It's going to be an adrenaline rush, that's for sure. And gross. I hate zombies. If this weren't for the HJ (proceeds are being donated), and if I didn't love theater... Well, I won't be a zombie, anyway. I'm a survivor. Ooh-rah!

I was disappointed to realize that today is not 50% Off day as I had thought, but I didn't realize it until after I'd paid. Too late! It was pretty inexpensive regardless. Even after tattering up the clothes, I have a feeling that at least the shirt will become a favored item of clothing... especially after it's spattered with fake blood.

When I got home, I whipped up some chicken, broccoli, and black beans. I was the only one who ate the beans (which were great with the chicken, 'cause I cooked it in green salsa), but C actually voluntarily ate a good size helping of both broccoli and chicken! And cake. lol. I had more broccoli for dessert.

After hanging out for a while, watching an episode of some tv show S has on his computer, and having an INCREDIBLY silly conversation about S cloning dinosaurs and C training, riding, and taking them into the store with him ("What? It's my seeing eye dinosaur!"), we packed up and headed out to the pumpkin patch.

The patch itself wasn't much special-- a local church puts it on, and it's geared towards little kids, but there was no way I could know that-- but we had fun regardless. We worked the hay maze and hung out in the petting zoo, where I made a couple of good friends, both of the donkey persuasion. One bit my shoulder and then stared at me after I gave him a good talking to, and the other (a miniature donkey) kept butting me with his head in search of scratches and trying to climb in my lap. No joke. Unfortunately, C says we cannot have a donkey. Apparently the dining room is not a great place to keep one. (I say it'll keep the snake good company.)

Our time at the patch was over rather quickly, so we swung by WalMart on our way home, ended up wandering around the aisles looking at random things. Mostly exercise equipment. And candles. He bought me three candles, because I couldn't decide what scent I wanted. Simmering Apple Cider is wafting through the room as we speak.

C and I also had some really good conversation about our future kids, the atmosphere of our future home, instilling morals in our kids (in addition to self-defense tactics) and such.

We came home and I tidied up, cleaned the bathroom (as I've been hankering to do for days, but just didn't feel well enough), worked on my costume, took a walk, and now I'm watching the Princess Bride as I work on the bail websites.


It has been a really, really good day.

I'm so glad I'm feeling better.

I love my mate.

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