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I hate the fact that it's gotten to the point (again) where it hurts (badly) to eat anything... even the good things.

I talked to the guys today about possibly adopting a more allergy-friendly kitchen environment. I hate to do that to them (impose my restrictions on them), but I'm wondering if part of my being in so much pain/sick all the time is due to contamination, like when I worked in the summer camp kitchen last year?

C is on board with the idea, actually, especially since he doesn't eat at home much. Also, we've both been becoming more conscientious about kissing allergen contamination. Like the other night, I went to go kiss him goodnight but he wouldn't kiss me because he'd just eaten ice cream. It makes sense that, if I can't use a chapstick with soy in it because it contributes to the illness (and believe me, it does!), then kissing someone who's just eaten allergen-laden food would pose as much of a risk or more.

I'm just so glad that I don't have the anaphylactic response. I'm grateful it's just gut pain and co.

So maybe we'll end up getting another set of pots and pans; one for the guys, one for me. And go through and cull out the most likely cooking perpetrators-- flours, powdery things, and such.

When we move to the new house it will be much easier, because I'll be starting from scratch in a fresh kitchen. Also, once S is gone, it'll be that much easier, since (as previously mentioned) C doesn't do much eating/cooking at home. If he does eat cooked food, it's usually something S or I made.

Also, I must mention this for posterity: K went into labor Friday night, which means that I should be an auntie soon! :D I can't wait to see that little Peanut. I need to call R about tickets home, too...

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