Goals for today

My goals for today? Take a shower, eat a good meal sometime during the day, and... what was the other one? Oh, yeah. Dishes. Haven't done those in a couple of days. (Unusual for me. Usually I don't let dishes pile up in the sink.)

If I can, if I have the energy and the gumption, I will do BJ's dishes and sweep her floor (and take out her trash) while I'm over there feeding the dogs. Here at home, I'll vacuum, finish reading my chapter on the Integumentary, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems, and write the copy for that website. Oh, and make a lunch for tomorrow.

On the bright side, I already finished a quart of water today. One more, and I'm good to go.

I refuse to get down on myself for being depressed!

I told C last night, "Hug me, I'm depressed!"

"Depressed? Why are you depressed?"

"I'm not sure. I just am."

"Well, okay. That's okay."

"Yeah, I know. I'm okay, it'll be okay... yeah."

"Yep." *kiss*

He and I are on the same page about it. Just like, okay, there it is. *shrug* It'll pass. It always does. It's okay that it's here. Not the end of the world. Just... okay.

Has the word "okay" lost all meaning to you yet? It pretty much has to me now. I wrote it too much.

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