Wedding Gifted

One more thing of note!

Last night B and his wife J took C and I aside and informed us that their gift to us for our wedding was the photography. They have a friend that's quite good, and she'll give them a discounted rate. It's funny 'cause J was trying to feel me out on the photography, but I totally wasn't taking the hint and it went right over my head! lol

Anyway, that's a huge blessing, and a huge chunk out of the budget. The budget is now back down below $1300, and that makes me happy :)

(Edit: L, C's old roomie, called me today and offered to buy the photography as a wedding gift as well! I told her that she was super sweet and I really, really appreciated it, but... she was about 20 hours too late! lol But seriously... what amazing people I am surrounded by!)

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