What the bizness?!

I went over to C's dad's place last night to do laundry (went into S's room and pulled out thirteen towels-- so that's where they all went! lol). As I was packing up to leave, D, C's dad's girlfriend (say that five times fast...) came out and we had a little conversation as we were both getting ready to leave.

She asked about the wedding, and I told her about the proposal and our wedding plans and date and all that. She told me that if I needed any help (setting up, decorating, whatever!) to just ask her, and I told her that I'd probably take her up on that! Then she asked about gifts and if we needed anything, and I told her about our decision to ask for help with the wedding budget.

She then proceeded to ask about washers and dryers and hookups, and I told her about C looking for a house and how we don't have room for either of those things right now, nor do we have a washer and dryer.

So then she gave me a dryer.

Yeah, that's right. A practically brand-new electric dryer. It's in storage right now, and will stay there until we move into a place that has room for it, but... dude! That's gonna save us so much money! It may be ridiculous, but I'm thoroughly excited about being gifted a dryer. Thoroughly.

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