I made it!

What a day. A busy day. A good day. Didn't feel the greatest, but I made it through. And it's not over yet! Working on homework, getting ready to head over to B and J's to watch something with them.

School. I made it back to class today. Apparently, I was missed. (At least, that's what the teacher says lol) Just in time to be a group leader again, and help my group wade through some math problems. (Fast forward 5 hours to the homework, where I'm cussing and shouting and shaking my fist at the heavens because I hate stupid math and I've made it 24 years without needing to know how to factor out polynomials thankyouverymuch and I don't see why I have to start doing this junk now and all I really wanted to know was fractions and I learned that so just graduate me already!)

Doctor's appointment. I really, really like my new doctor. Aaaaaand... guess who got a referral to an endocrinologist? Yeah, that's right! Yours truly!! And just in the nick of time. Even this doctor suggested fibromyalgia as a strong possibility. (Did I mention that it had come up repeatedly in my research recently, and is a strong possibility for some of the "new"(er) problems I've been experiencing? Yeah. Great. But maybe I'd be able to get on disability with it? Who knows.) 

C's days off changed to Tues/Weds, so he was around today to witness my math debacle. Blkajweriushlt. That's all I have to say about this math homework.

Attended a lecture put on my one of my teachers and his wife. It's about this system-- not weight loss, exactly, but like a healthy lifestyle system-- and they're health coaches, and it was kind of like a health seminar that I would've attended back in the SDA system. Pretty neat. Anyway, it looks like something that I'd really like to pair with my massage practice, once I get up and going with a clientele. Best part? The health coaches get paid, but it's not a pyramid scheme. Kinda a little confusing, I think, but it's legit. Everything is backed up by clinical trials and science and Forbes Magazine nominations for Best Small Business of 2011... that, and I trust this teacher. 

Staring down the barrel of the fact that I may never be able to be a traditional 5 day a week/9-5 worker, this opportunity is a welcome thought. I wanted to be able to share the health message with my clients somehow, and this is a great, packaged, streamlined way to do that without overwhelming them. It's got a great built in support system. It's pretty cool.

Came home and C was putting on pants, which signals a foray into the outside world. We went to the sporting goods store for a new pair of boots. (C runs his into the ground, and these ones are pretty much on their last legs... no pun intended. Heh.) He's been talking about getting me a pair, and they were on a crazy good sale, so we picked me up a pair, too. Yay, combat boots! So romantic :) (The way to my heart is a twisted, offbeat one.)

We hit up my favorite sushi place, and I got adventurous and ordered a custom made Dragon Roll. It was delicious. Got a call from J while we were eating, so we headed over to her place when we were done to meet with our wedding photographer. We talked logistics and looked at her work, and I have to say that I'm pleased and relieved. I was worried it was going to be one of those, "Oh yeah, I have a friend that takes pictures" but they're really not any good. She is right up my alley, though. More of a natural style, not posed, she generally fades into the background and snaps the events as they happen. Also, she'll set up a photo booth at the location, so people can come and just have pictures taken as they please. Again, I'm just pleased and relieved.

Home again, I cranked out the rest of my math homework, settled down here to blog, and C is talking to me about the new video game he's playing (something about aliens, and it's actually really cool. I've been watching him play.) In a few minutes, we'll head over to B and J's to watch that movie, and then I'll definitely be ready for bed.

The eye cover has been helping with sleep... sorta. I fall asleep easier, but I'm still super restless all night long. I woke up way early this morning, but fortunately was able to drift off again for a few hours.

Had an interesting convo with Mom today, in addition to everything else. I really want to process through that, because there's a lot... also the conversation I had with E yesterday... and the stuff from my counselor last week... It's just hard to find the words for all that stuff. It's heavy. It's kind of... abstract. It's good, but... hard to frame into words.

If I were blogging facts, this would be easier. But, no. It's feelings. Thoughts. Impressions. My perspective on the world, whether that be right or wrong. And those can be the hardest things to convey accurately.

(On second thought... writing copy for those websites has proven to be a mite difficult as well! Maybe facts aren't that much easier...)

Also, funny story: I wound up hunting for a blog post that never existed anywhere but my mind. I have a bad habit of having conversations with people in my mind without ever actually translating it into reality, then acting as though the event really did occur. C calls me on that sometimes. Well, I do that with blogging, too. (Like my counselor stuff from this last week... coulda sworn I'd processed it out on here, but nope!) I had this post that I was sure I'd written, because I'd written it out in my head so many times... talked it through with trusted friends, processed through it while on walks, talked to God about it a ton. I totally thought I'd posted about it. But searching for it proved me wrong.

Just another example of the malleable nature of how we perceive reality. It scares me sometimes, just how subjective reality really is.

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