Introducing... Peanut!

Well, my sister had her baby. Six pounds, six ounces.

SK, aka "Peanut", is officially a part of the outside world now. (God help you, poor child!)

So I've spent the "morning" on the phone with my parents, hearing stories of the labor and delivery, of the dogs' reactions, of the baby herself and her quiet little cry, of how cute she is, etc. (I say "morning" because I woke up late. I made the mistake of eating food last night, and I was up until about 4 a.m. with my pain.)

I didn't realize how much it meant to me to be there when my niece was introduced into the world until I wasn't able to. Like, I really, really want to be there. Family is so important to me, and this is such a major family event... I feel like the kid who watches all the other kids traipse off to the swimming pool from the bedroom window, crushed because I can't go for reasons beyond my control.

I just want to hold her so badly!!

But... but... but... I'll see her when I go home for Christmas. R likened it to going out to dinner and getting dessert as a bonus. I'd be going to see the folks even if Peanut wasn't there, but now I get dessert, too! :)

Also, Mom and I will be crafting our little hearts out for the wedding while I'm there.

Oh, dear. I hope I don't idealize this vacation too much... because honestly, it sounds like paradise. Family, crafting, and little Peanut? Be still, my heart!! <3

I'm so proud of my little sister. She was a champ.

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