I'm alive! And only slightly sore :)

Yosemite was mostly great, partially an annoying ordeal that I couldn't wait to complete. I missed C, and wished that he were the one hiking the trails and soaking in the view with me. Alas...

The sights were fantastic. The drivers were not. This did not help my sympathetic system dominance at all.  You know, fight or flight? Yeah...

I got to check off "see that giant tree with the tunnel in it" off my 7 Wonders of North America/bucket list!

I fell in love with a mini-Taylor guitar my friend currently has. It's.. amazing. A steel string, but with a nice, low action. It hardly tore my fingers up at all, after hours of playing.

I had Jamba Juice again. Mmmm... Jamba...

I ate too many nuts and got super sick. (Could also have been from the general stress of the trip?)

I hung out with my friend :)

I got a bumper sticker for my guitar case.

I studied as well as I could, and managed to pull a 90% on the test. (That's great, because I was uneasy about this one... the peripheral nervous system just wasn't really sticking in my brain for some reason.)

I caught up on some sleep on the drives to and from Cali. Though I didn't sleep too well while there, I did have a crazy dream in which the end of the world began and people were going all anarchist/destruction in the streets and... ended up in a song-and-dance number, the chorus of which went like: "Welcome to humanity, flamingos and flambe..." That's what I woke up to in the wee hours of the morning!

I was very happy to get back home to my creature comforts, and to be reunited with my love. I'm working on a wedding website that will not only inform the wide world that I'm engaged and planning to marry this great guy (yes, I am announcing, regardless of my fear of other's opinions!) but will also solicit donations toward the wedding budget in lieu of wedding gifts from a registry.

I think this trip is the first time I've ever gone hiking in a dress and flip flops. Hmm.

I've still got a few things to complete for myself tonight before I turn in, so I'll be off. I'm skipping group tomorrow night, so that I can wind down and regroup (get it? re-group? hah!), because the trip and the packing and the studying and the traveling (oh, the traveling!) were wayyyy more stressful than I anticipated, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed suddenly.


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