Help! I'm being judged!

Now, I know she means well. I know she does.

But a sad face? Really?

If she were doing something I disagreed with, I wouldn't sad-face her. Probably.

Sorry, lady, but your sad-face will not cause me to capitulate. I will continue eating meat, and, in the spirit of friendship and equanimity, I will refrain from cracking an Ellen White joke on fb back at you. Truce?

Please stop imposing your personal convictions onto my decisions. It's not like I was ninja'd into eating fish and now I regret it. I made a conscious, intellectual choice that was fraught with other people's expectations, believe me.

And now that I've decided, I'd like the freedom to talk about my carnivorous habits without being sad-faced by your disagreement with those choices. A stony silence would suffice. :)

(Note: This is partly facetious, partly serious. Which is which? I leave you to decide...)

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