The Love Face

C's old roommate L is in town briefly. I really like her. Good news- she really likes me, too! :)

Anyway, they (L and her friend, L) came in last night. I ended up going out to the college with the two L's and S to drop S off for rehearsals and for L to be swarmed by people. (She's very loved by a very many folk.) We spent the evening hanging out, swapping stories about C. She loves him dearly, as do I (but in different ways, of course!), and she has insight into him that I don't have, because she knew him when I wasn't around.

The picture I got was just... awww. He's such a good man. He took L in when she was in a bad situation, even though she was just a friend of his then-girlfriend AJ. (AJ, apparently, was just using him for the economic benefits. He's told me that before, but L emphasized it.) After AJ left, L stayed, and that's how I met her.

She told me that he used to tell L and her girlfriend C (who moved in later, and whom I also met when I came to visit C) stories about us, about stuff we would do together... and his face would kind of light up. She would ask, "Well, why don't you/didn't you do that with AJ?" "Well, she didn't want to..."

Apparently, I set a high bar, and while C has said that before, hearing it from an outside source is super affirming. L says that with AJ it was a kind of "I'm trying to move on, I think I'm over her... wait. Nope. Well, oh well." thing. But it was like he didn't really care. And he's told me that, too. Like he just didn't have it in him to care as much about any other girl.

So I guess L and C heard about me a lot before I ever showed my face. L says that when C would talk about me, sometimes he'd get "The Love Face", and she was just floored. Apparently I must have been something special, she thought. She called me "The Ex". (In a good way! Like, the ex of all exes. Um.. it is a good thing. lol. But I guess it took some time for him to finally refer to me as his ex. He stumbled over the word far too often.)

It's just funny... how neither of us could be totally free of each other over all those long years... how we both still loved each other... and how now we're back together...

I remember the first time I saw C again after all those years, when I came to visit him at his apartment. (That was the day I met L and C.) I was so nervous! And he played it so cool, I thought he was totally unaffected. Not so, not so! L says that after I left he was super restless... wandering around the house, not sure what he wanted. (Go into the kitchen, turn and walk out 'cause he's not thirsty. Approach the bathroom, turn and walk away because he doesn't have to use the bathroom. Pacing. "You guys want to go out to eat? We're going out to eat. ...I need to drive.") Ahh, and he was giddy approaching the event.

He still liked me!

I mean, it's obvious now. (We're engaged, for crying out loud.) But the novelty of realizing that the latent love was not going unrequited like I had thought is just... It kinda gives me butterflies, you know?

It was really cool to be able to gush about C with someone else, to share fun, silly, sappy stories about him and to hear the same in return. (L does a dead-on impression of C, I'm telling you!) We just kind of reveled in what a good guy he is and how much we love him. It was awesome :)

I'm happy he had The Love Face when he talked about me. It makes me feel special.

Oh, and for the enjoyment of all involved, I got a picture of him doing a silly dance at me today.

Aaaaaand... a couple more. :)

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