A good woman

About 2 1/2 hours ago as C and I snuggled close together in anticipation of drifting off to sleep, he out of the blue announced, "You know, there's people out there that would kill to have you."

I asked why, and he responded, "Because you are a good woman."

That was all.

I responded, "Awwww, thank you!", and then we were quiet as we each began to doze.


(I'm up because a.) I was having bad dreams--as usual--and wanted to give my brain and heart a break before heading back in, and b.) I was hungry. Midnight snack, anyone? Well, okay... 4 a.m. snack, anyone? Pacific Rose apples have been in season for a month or two now, and the WalMart near my house is the only one that carries them. But oh, how I love them...)

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