Interesting day

Some very interesting things happened today...

C's bro D gifted us with a wedding gift of several hundred dollars! I'm no longer stressed about affording anything for the wedding anymore, as it's enough to cover all the rest of the budget. Talk about a blessing!!

When recounting this information to C, I told him, "Don't worry, I will spend it wisely!"
He replied, "I know you will. You haven't let me down yet." Awwww :) He trusts me financially! It might seem silly, but it makes my heart swoon a little to know that he trusts me, especially in an area that has a tendency to become a sticking point between couples.

Also, L, C's former roomie, came back to town for a few days! It is so sweet to see them interact, because they clearly really care about each other. When she walked into the room, C swept her into a big, grunting hug on his lap (he was sitting in his computer chair) that lasted at least 10 seconds. It made me smile :) He "rescued" her from a really bad living situation, so she calls him her knight in shining armor. I totally agree, of course. She brought her girlfriend down with her, and S has tomorrow off of work, so C's bro D is going to join us and we're all going to go out to Olive Garden for lunch tomorrow. L's girlfriend needs to be GF but is having a hard time with it, so I made a batch of teff muffins and if she likes them I'll give her a couple to take with. I'll be bringing the last bit of my posole and some rice with me to the restaurant, plus a muffin with some preserves for dessert. I'm supposed to avoid nightshades from here on out, so this will be the last posole that I have for a long while, sadly, since the base is tomato.

R gave me money to cash in my new prescriptions, and I took my first painkiller today. I haven't started on the new SNRI or the long-term pain killer (designed to help with neuropathy), but those'll start once I'm weaned off the current prescription. This pain killer... I'm not sure if it was just all the excitement of the day or what, but I felt very tired around 9:30, so I rested for about 45 minutes. After that, I kinda swung the other way to feeling very giddy and excited. My inhibitions also dropped, and I found myself in a lengthy conversation about sexuality, sexual norms, fetishes, etc. It was very enlightening and quite interesting, but I revealed more personal details than I would typically. I kept shocking one of my poor friends, he being the one who pointed out my lowered inhibitions. After about three hours, I started feeling pleasantly "buzzy", and after another hour or so I feel buzzy and quite relaxed, almost sleepy.

If that initial sleepiness is all the drowsiness I have to deal with on this pain killer, I can totally do this. And it really, really helped. I'm so happy about that! But it's not a "pop one every day" type of situation. I intend to use them as needed, and if I can get by without them, so much the better. They do have the capacity to become addictive, and I don't want that. (C and I had a funny conversation about withdrawal symptoms the other day. He sees a lot of people going through withdrawals when they come in off the streets and no longer have access to their drugs, so he figures he can handle whatever symptoms I go through. He did tell me, though, that when I'm coming down off of this med of mine that I'll be a bad person for about three days. LOL)

Also, I'm trying to cut items out of my diet that will aggravate pain and include items that help soothe and prevent pain. With that goal in mind, I traded a blender for 2 lbs of blueberries today. I feel like I came out ahead in the bargain, because it wasn't really a bargain. My friend has extra blueberries that he asked if I'd like, and he mentioned something about wishing he had a blender. I have an extra one in the cupboard since Gramma and Grampa got me the Ninja for my birthday, so I gave him that, and we jokingly called it a barter. He was only going to give me the one bag, but since I helped him in his time of need he figured he'd throw the other bag in, since he can get more. Yippee!

Anyway, I'm going to go jump in the shower. I want to be in bed by 3, since we have that lunch date tomorrow. Funny how my schedule has shifted so much from when I lived with the S's, or even when I was living with Gramma and Grampa! But if I want to spend any time with C at all, I have to stay up late. It's worth it :)

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