Fibro triggers

I didn't realize it beforehand, but colonoscopy prep is a surefire recipe for a big-time fibro flare. Especially if you schedule it for the morning.

I've been fasting (clear liquids only) since Monday morning, but frequently drinking juices and tea with honey to keep my blood sugar up. It's been okay-ish, until this evening... and then I really started feeling it. Weak legs, shaky hands, general fatigue... of course, the harsh pain that tears out my insides when I don't eat on time or at all...

Also, due to the timing of the whole thing, there's really no point in sleep at all. Up and down to use the restroom every 10, 15 minutes... Sleep? What's that?!

I couldn't figure out why, despite normal doses of tramadol, I kept getting achier and achier, and just really not feeling well. What's going on? I haven't felt this way since before I started this med?

Then it hit me. Duh. Not eating on time (or skipping meals altogether) and lack of sleep are two major triggers for my fibro. Also, I haven't been getting good sleep lately anyway, and last night's was especially bad. Bad dreams. Woke up a lot.

I took as many painkillers as I dare to (which means normal dosage, but closer together than I normally would), but I still hurt as much as if I hadn't taken one all day. Sadness!

And yet, a blessing in disguise... because I realize that the tramadol has been bringing me so much relief that I was beginning to forget what it was like before I got on it. I had actually been considering lately, Well, maybe I can get off of this stuff... I mean, I'm not really in pain anymore. Maybe I don't need it? Hehe. Now I remember what it's been stopping! 'Cause really? Owwwwwwwwwwwww!

Today's gonna be a b***h. I've got the colonoscopy, then C and I are going out for sushi, and then we're heading out to hunt down a realtor. When we get back, though... I'm going to crash, and crash hard. I had thought that I would be fine and dandy by evening, or the next day, buuuuut... I forgot to factor in my grand piano. (Remembering my last colonoscopy, I was fully recovered by evening.) I've got work and both of my classes the next day, and I'm tempted to skip them, but... I know that going to yoga will help me get back on track faster, and I love my job and need the money, and I really like my Spanish class, soooo... I'll be pushing myself through it. Probably high on pain killers ^_^ And I'm almost positive I'll be using my walker. But I'll be there.

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