Also, I just HAD to share this. C showed it to me tonight, after telling me about it the other day, and... wow. I'm blown away. And so excited that I'm taking yoga! But really... just because the medical professionals tell you that it must be a certain way due to the limitations you find yourself with, it's not necessarily true!

I believe that I can live a full, happy life free of pain and fatigue. I believe that I can find the balance that my body needs. It may not happen today, tomorrow, or anytime soon, but I believe it will happen. It may involve medicine and it may involve natural remedies. I'm not poo-pooing anything. I will find what is right for me and I will rock that bidness (say it phonetically), and, most importantly... I will never, ever give up! (Okay, sure, I might have an off day here and there. But I still won't give up! ^_^)

I believe in myself!

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