Subterranean Sneak-monster

Have I mentioned lately how much I love C? He's so cute and funny. He busts out with these hilariously witty/ridiculous/cute/funny/super-sexily-smart sayings/mannerisms/actions on a regular basis.

Last night I said something and he just looked at me and laughed a little. I protested, "I'm not lying!" He responded with, "I didn't say you were lying, it's just that your truths are misleading!"

So. Cute.

Last night as we went to bed, he burrowed under the covers after the lights were out and bit me! I sputtered and fumed as I pried his teeth out of me, exclaiming something about him being a subterranean sneak-monster, which he found hilarious. He said that for someone with as much learning as intelligence as I have, it was funny that I would come up with something that a four-year-old would say. I, of course, pointed out that a four year old is not likely to use the word "subterranean". He conceded the point. I win. :)

Anyway, finished up a bunch of wedding stuff last night and today. I am afraid that I'm going to run out of things to do for the wedding and hit a dry spell again, but at 80 days out, that's not likely.

Last night I wrote the date in a fancy font on the back of the favor tags, and then today we got our ring sizes and I ordered C's band. I also got the guestbook created and out of the way, which was fun because we all sat around watching a new sci-fi show (and made fun of it) while I was working on wedding stuff.

Probably the next craft project I'll undertake is gluing birch bark to napkin rings.

Off to go spend more time with my beloved. It's his weekend, and we're watching another anime series together.

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