Gastro results

Prediction came true. I've got a colonoscopy in about two weeks, which will be oh so fun.

I exaggerate. It's not that bad. I mean, they anesthetize you and everything, but it's the purging the day before that's hard.

God is hooking me up with a dream team of doctors here in this little town, and I'm so grateful. My endocrinologist is great, I feel really confident in my general care physician, my rheumatologist gave me a diagnosis and is helping me find the right ways to treat my fibro, and this gastroenterologist is very diagnostic. He won't just guess and treat-- we're going to find out what's going on, one step at a time. His words.

To help with the chronic constipation, he prescribed me three things-- a probiotic that's effective and inexpensive (he even told me where to go to get it cheapest!), flax seeds and lots of liquids (to make things, uh, slippery), and Miralax to help draw the water into my colon.

So that may be a bit much detail for some folks, but I'm just glad that this is all getting worked out. I'm quite optimistic.

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