Back home

Made it safely back home from the cold depths of the Midwest.

My bags and packages are scattered across the bedroom floor, which irks me to no end, but some things are more important than unpacking.

For instance, spending the first night home enfolded in C's arms. Bliss.

Or, for instance, getting a healthy dose of sleep and kicking this darn sickness (the third inside of a month!).

Or even cleaning the bathroom. It so needed it. The guys try, but their standards for "clean" are lower than mine.

My time back home with the fam provided some valuable perspective. It was different than I expected-- with the new baby around, and with the kids growing up and moving out, it's just.... different. Ah, well, life moves on, shifts and changes. We must shift and change as well, or be broken.

I don't have much to say right now. I'm tired. Not feeling well. But it's good to be home. (Maybe that's why I have such a compulsion to travel-- because it makes home all the sweeter?)

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