It's never lupus.

Doc appointments today, and another veeeeery early in the morning. So, this will be brief.


Love my new endocrinologist. She listens, she cares, she is attentive and thorough and wants to actually fix me. Sweet. Also, previous doc that did the initial diagnosis of hypothyroid, food allergies, and adrenal insufficiency *may* have misdiagnosed the adrenals. He put me on steroids and even if my adrenals were functioning fine, they would now be dependent on the steroids... so I'm probably cortisol-dependent for life. :(

I don't have lupus! My tests came back with one raised antibody, but doc said it wasn't enough to make him worry about anything. So it's just fibro. I'm getting off of the Cymbalta, which has caused me so much misery, and trying a new med that's similar but seems to be specifically for fibro. I asked about painkillers and got tramadol, an SNRI-like drug that is metabolized similar to codeine, from what I understand. (I had just barely begun to research it when I had to run off to group.) I'll use that for when the pain gets to be too much. For long term pain management, I got something that starts with an N (haven't researched it yet), but I can take it every day and it will tamp down the pain.

Every med has the same side effects listed-- nausea, constipation, drowsiness, etc. Looks like I'll be camping out in the land of nausea for a good long while. But, I mean... if it helps... I'm willing to trade off a few things for the greater good. You know, like being able to walk. ;)

I've lost 6 pounds since late November. Not trying... don't really want to lose more weight. One doc's scale said 132, the other said 128. Either way... I'm afraid that I'm going go flat chested! Nooooo! (Yeah, is that shallow or what? lol)

Got the GI doc in the wee hours of the morning, we'll see what goes on there. Prediction: colonoscopy. That's just what they do when you're passing blood in your stool. Oh, and maybe a fecal occult blood test! And, if I'm lucky, maybe even an endoscopy to see why I'm not digesting certain foods? Maybe we'll just make a day of it. Heh.

Off to sleep I am.

I am so blessed to be able to go to doctors and figure this all out. If you're reading this, R... you made all this possible. I can't convey how grateful I am. Even if I were to stay in the state that I am now and make no more forward progress, I am so much better health than I have been in times past, pain or no. I owe it to you. You're a great provider. Thank you.

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