Well, yours truly is the possessor of one healthy colon!

Yeah, I'll admit, it was a bit of a shock, considering what troubles I have with my digestive system! (I suppose this means that an upper endoscopy is coming down the line... I wonder what that's like???)

Anyway, the intestinal mucosa was normal, no signs of inflammation, colitis, hemorrhoids, polyps, blockages, or anything.

The last colonoscopy I got was in summer 2008 (July 16th, to be exact, because it was my sister's bday and she spent it with me! What a sweetie ^_^), and it showed mild colitis and internal hemorrhoids.

You know what this means?

This means that all the agony and super big pain in the butt of avoiding my allergic foods actually means something-- my colon has healed itself! By taking out all the damaging elements, my body actually healed itself.

Oh, you have no idea how much hope that gives me... as well as encouragement to stay the course and stick to my strict diet. Now that I know it actually makes a difference, well... I actually kinda want to be strict. I want to cheat less, not that I have been. C is a great accountability partner :)

The process for getting ready for the colonoscopy? Not so encouraging. I already talked about how I spun into a big-time flare thanks to having to deal with a couple of major triggers. Besides just the fibro, my system gets really out of whack if I don't eat when I'm hungry, and that's been the case for about as long as I can remember. Like, I physically get ill and experience intense pain if I allow myself to get too far past "hungry".

Well, I was there last night to be sure, but many, many mugs of warm tea seemed to help... but that, combined with the residual air left in my colon from the examination had me in literally excruciating pain as we left the realtor's office this morning. I was doubled over on the way to the truck, and C was helping me hobble along. Once I got in, all I could do was fold myself in half, clench my fists and grind them into the seat while I sobbed and gasped for air. You know that scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain you've ever experienced? It was a 10.5, maybe an 11. It ebbed and flowed, finally subsided about 45 minutes later, though I wasn't crying through the whole thing. It dropped down to like an 8, which is bearable, and I made it home to lay down.

C was so sweet during the whole thing. (What was happening was that my system built up a lot of gas as a response to being forced to be empty, and then eating triggered it to go through my guts. That happens sometimes, and it's agonizing. That, combined with the air that was already in there, was stretching my colon beyond its limits. Do you know how many nerve endings your colon has? Like, a ton! lol) He helped me make my way slowly to the car, he rubbed my back while I was doubled over and crying, asked if I had anything I could take when I got home (I'd already taken a tramadol 1/2 hour previously, so the answer was no) and then he had his hand in front of me as he drove so as to keep me from needlessly jostling forward and backward. (You know, like when you slam on the brakes and you put your arm out in front of the passenger to protect them? Like that.) He was careful to stop slowly, to take dips slowly... just being very considerate. He helped me inside as well, and got me laying down. He did say, "There's nothing I can do for you, lady," to which I replied, "I know, but just knowing that you care makes a big difference. I really appreciate it. You're so sweet." He made sure I was all tucked in and comfy before he left for work, as I hadn't slept the night before and really, really needed to.

I know he feels very helpless when I'm in large amounts of pain, which I totally get. While I was home and Mom and I got so sick, I felt so very helpless as she wept in pain and could barely move to get herself up off the couch and to the hospital... Come to think of it, I looked a lot today like she did then. And, I mean... what can you do, really? Nothing. Nothing but go about your daily life and hope they feel better. So C feels helpless, but I make it a point to assure him that his gestures of caring mean a great deal. While they may not take away the pain, they make it a little more bearable.

So we saw a realtor today! She sent us a list of houses within our price range, though we still have to get pre-approved for a loan. She pointed us to a very reputable lender that may help our chances of getting a good home, even going so far as to call her while we were there and leave a voicemail when we learned that she was with a client. The lender was very prompt in returning our call, as we got the call literally right after we left the realtor's office! lol. Anyway, we gave her basic application info over the phone, and we go in to get pre-approved tomorrow morning. C is determined to really pursue this, which I am ecstatic about. I'd gotten so used to waiting for him to pull together the necessary resources that such a fast pace is a little shocking to me, but... I'm so stoked!

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