More developments!

C and I went to the bank today to check on his finances, but we didn't have enough time to connect with a realtor's office before they all closed. I was disappointed, thinking I'd have to wait until next Friday, but C said, "No, we don't have to wait that long. I will get up early sometime this week and we can go then." I, the planner, immediately began running through our schedules... and brightly announced, "Hey, you have to get up early on Tuesday anyway, because of my colonoscopy! Let's just go to the realtor's afterward!" (The procedure only takes an hour-ish, and I remember that I was quite lucid pretty quickly after my last colonoscopy.)

So... we're going to the realtor's on Tuesday! :D :D :D

Also, I got the wedding day's schedule mapped out and sent off to our photographer, and I'm working on a list of "must have shots". J and I decided that her little boy X is going to be our flower boy, but instead of throwing flower petals he will probably be tossing a mix of plastic swords, dice, and 8-bit pixellated hearts. He'll also have a larger 8-bit heart pinned to the back of his jacket that will say something like "Here Comes The Bride". We just decided this tonight, so we're still working on it. It'll be fun, though!

The caterer and I have the menu all set, with both vegetarian and meat options, so no one needs starve but me. (Jk. I'll make something ahead of time and bring it with me, I'm sure. Maybe J and K would be willing to whip me up some pine nut lasagna? Eh? Eh? I hope you're reading this, J! lol)

This evening D, C's dad's girlfriend, took me shopping at one of our nicest department stores for shoes. We had been talking about how I have a pair of heels for the ceremony, but I wanted a pair of cute, comfortable shoes to wear during the reception. Once we got there, she told me to pick two pairs of shoes! (I wasn't allowed to look at the prices.) So I got a pair of really cute black sandals with roses down the front (and velcro straps! My favorite!), and I also picked out a pair of gorgeous silver wedges to wear for the reception. They had to be ordered in my size, because they were out of stock there. I'll get them in a few days. Upon further thought, though, I think I'm going to get rid of the heels I had gotten from Goodwill for the ceremony and just wear these the whole time. I mean, the ceremony is like 15 minutes long? Plus they're not really comfortable at all, just pretty. And they were only 7 bucks. So I'll stick with the Cinderella shoes, I think.

Then we headed over to the jewelry counter to see if there was anything I liked that I could wear with the wedding dress. We didn't find any necklaces, but she got me a pair of dainty dangly silver earrings, since I'm getting my ears pierced next week. We'll just go to another store some other time, which is no big deal. We had a fun little "girl date", and it's cool how much she and I jive. I mean, she'll essentially be my mother-in-law when C and I are married. We'll be family. So it's a good thing that we connect easily. She reminds me of Mom in many ways, and I just know that they'll get along famously.

I'm very tired. I think I'm done for the day. Not feeling well, either... I'm not sure if it's because I over-ate (which still wasn't much, really, but I think my stomach has shrunk!), or because I had a few swigs of hard cider earlier in the evening. On the bright side, though, I painted my toenails and they look real pretty :) I like doing alternations of contrasty-matchy colors, so I did a pale metallic green and a dark metallic teal-blue.

Also, I've only had 2 Spanish classes so far, but I'm already finding myself starting to converse in Spanish. Good progress!

Oh, yes, and Mom will be sending off her nifty little surprise to our friend L soon. I'm so excited to see her freak out over it! It's going to be amaaaaaaaazing :D Mom did a great job, and I'm really proud of my part in the project. Ahhh... I love a good gifting.

On Monday I'll be calling the courthouse to reserve a time for C and I to get legally married the Thursday before the wedding. I think his parents (i.e. his dad and his dad's girlfriend) and probably his brother will be our witnesses. Also, J and K might be able to do our music after all! Yay! C thinks that we should still get a cd player and burn a cd of music as a back-up, just in case... and we can always use it as background music during the reception, anyway. He just wants to be prepared, and I don't blame him. So this means that we won't be exiting to The Imperial March, as my plan B was, but I'm so excited at the prospect of the girls playing for the wedding! It would be so meaningful, even if they weren't stellar musicians. Daughters of Summer Hill, reuniting... albeit under different circumstances!

Tomorrow, B is kidnapping C to go get fitted for tuxes. He says that he wants to get C all sexified :) (I don't think he'll have much of a problem with that one. I can barely keep my hands off him as it is!)

As far as C's special wedding night surprise, now that I've got all my supplies it's time to start learning routines. I don't want to have to don all that gear every time I practice, so I figure that if I practice once every other week in garb then I'll have run through it 4 times as a "dress rehearsal". I can practice the other times in just plain old workout clothes.

Also... J is getting engaged soon! I am still flipping out about that, but I'm oh-so-excited for her! I wish that I had been able to get to know her intended better while I was still up there in ID, but due to circumstances I'm lucky I even got to see the guy in person before I moved! Anyway, Lord willing, this means that her dreams of becoming a mommy will be even closer to realization. I love it when dreams come true :)

Off to bed I go. Heigh ho, heigh ho.

(Also, I know I'm not really "supposed to", but I totally dig the high from my new painkillers. It's not a high in the traditional sense, nor does it dope me out to the point where I don't feel pain. It kind of dampers the pain, but they makes me happy and I just feel good to the point where I don't care that it still kinda hurts... I just feel good! And I like that. Especially after so long of not feeling well at all for more than brief intervals. And to know that I have the power to feel good under my control, at my very fingertips? Ooooh, it's kind of intoxicating ^_^ But I'm not abusing them. I just really like them. I didn't think I would, and it alarms me a bit. But I think that once I'm actually feeling well because I've got this fibro thing managed, the pain killers won't be such a seductive siren to me any longer. It's while I feel crappy that they really have appeal.)

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