More wedding progress

It's really all coming together! The relief that courses through me as I cross off item after item on my list is almost addicting. It makes me want to do more, get a bigger high... lol. But things happen as they happen. There was a lull for a few months where nothing was happening, and I started to second guess myself. (Plus I was ingesting these crazy awesome wedding blogs on a daily basis, so it began to be hard for me to separate my ideas and desires from what I was seeing others do, you know?)

Now, though, I've gotten so much done in the past few days... it literally feels like it's a giant set of puzzle pieces that are snapping into place.

I've got the dress. (Well, Mom does, but it'll be in my possession soon.) I've got the accessories. I've got the cake. I've got the food. (I've got money to pay for the food!) I've got a majority of the decorations, and a majority of the pieces-parts to make certain aspects of the decorations. I've got the drinks ideas straightened out (finally!). I've got the officiant. I've got the photographer. I've got the day-of coordinator. I'm still working on music, as plans have changed.

C and I worked on the ceremony last night, and the major pieces are in place. All that's left is for me to write the filler stuff that transitions between the major parts.

I reserved our tables and chairs yesterday, and today I reserved and paid for our ramada. Phew! Talk about a load off of my mind! I was almost afraid that we'd have to guerilla the place, but I don't think that would have worked, as the Parks and Rec lady informed me that Easter Sunday is the hottest day for ramada reservations in the entire year. Of course, we would pick that day to marry in a park... but I've got it from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and we get a free hour on the end for cleanup. (By the time that free hour expires, the sun will already be set, and no one will be fighting us for the ramada then, anyway, I think.) I also ordered my cupcake stencils yesterday. Instead of doing a dusting of cocoa powder through the stencils, I'm thinking about laying them on wax paper and brushing/pouring melted chocolate over them, then freezing the resulting chocolate stencil that's left on the wax paper. Then I'll put that on top of the cupcake frosting. Wouldn't that be cute?! (And probably less messy...)

I figured that today, since I wasn't up to much physically, I'd do some wedding crafts. I've got the tags for the favors 95% complete-- all that's left is to write the wedding date on the back in a nifty font. It took several hours to put them together, but I'm pleased with the result. They came out a different color than I intended, but they're still quite pretty.

The big things I've got left to do are getting C sized and ordering his ring, creating the guestbook and napkin rings, writing down the timeline of the day and getting that to the photographer along with a list of shots I want, and nailing down the ceremony to get to the officiant. I still need to paint my B and G letters that will sit at the Bride and Groom's places, I need to paint the mason jars and pretty up some candleholders, and I need to figure out what I'm doing about a cake stand.

So, yeah, I've still got my work cut out for me, but so much is coming together that I feel very light and giddy. I was so afraid that it was all going to fall apart... but I think it's going to be great.

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