I finished writing up the ceremony today. C and I went through and created our own ceremony, agreeing on the major points. It was left up to me, though, to write the filler material.

I'd kind of been putting it off, hoping that inspiration would strike, and sure enough! Today, while doing dishes, the words that I wanted to say came spilling into my brain. I couldn't get them down fast enough. I got the intro down, but I had to think on the rest while I did laundry.

I ran it by C when he got home from work, and he likes it, so I shot off a copy to our officiant. One less thing on the to-do list, and a major one at that. It had been weighing on me heavily, honestly.

I just love it, though. I keep going back and re-reading it.

It's short, simple, to the point... yet still rich and meaningful. Very us.

It's funny, though, because I never envisioned myself having a ten-minute ceremony, yet that's what we came up with. Ah, well. More time for cake :D

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